I have made another attempt to explain the truth in simple English in Plain Truths blog. Some of the readers suggested me to provide some scriptural statements supporting these posts. So, I have written Yoga Vedanta blog that gives references to the words of Lord.

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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Three states of Conciousness

State1 - False 'awaken' state where all the sense data is being processed by the mind.
State2 - Dreaming state, where only the mind reflecting in absence of gross external senses
State3 - 'Deep Sleep' - where all the gross senses and mind are at rest and only the 'true self' is conscious

After a good night's sleep, one only realizes that 'I had a good sleep' - The 'I' in the deep sleep consciousness is the real 'True Self'

Once the true self 'I' starts processing the sense data - the 'i' directed by the ego enters into the dream and starts thinking the 'names and forms' which are percieved by the gross senses are real - This is the fundamental mis-identification -> root cause of finite self and the bonding to the ego.

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