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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Real & Illusion

One thing need to be understood related to realization is the Truth is same before and after realization. When the macrocosm and the microcosm are same (that is the Advaita) In other words the Jeevatma is not different from the Paramatma and they are exactly the same.

A simple analogy to this is the Solar System. Imagine the Solar System to be the ultimate reality. The Truth there is Earth and all other planets are rotating around the Sun. As long as the view is centered from Earth, it looks like the "Sun raises in the East" everyday. This view is the false self (Ego) based view which is nothing but an illusion.

The Truth is the Sun always shines and due to the rotation of earth it looks like the Sun is raising and setting. This is the Brahma's view which is correct. To realize this a man has to put a lot of effort.

The sun will not cause any Action on Earth even though the presence of Sun makes people on Earth to get involved in the work.

There are invisible forces which are binding the planets and their moons and the Sun together within the system. The overall arrangement is interdependent on each other to sustain the existence. The whole is never changing and also ever changing.

Just by moving the focus from the self centric view and being able to see the "whole as a whole" is the realization.

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