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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The journey and the Goal

Om Sri Gurubhyo Namaha.

The Jeeva's journey is set forth due to desire to manifest (as discussed in the earlier post). The same thing can be explained in a slightly scientific manner as follows:-

There is Brahma represented by pure undivided consciousness in the beginning.
Due to the desire to manifest the infinite ocean of pure undivided consciousness a small precipitation of that consciousness appears. This is named as the golden germ or the Hiranya Garbha or Prajapati, or Iswara or Saguna Brahma - sat-chit-ananda.
This is also the first movement, the start of time, primeval nada of AUM.
This is represented as three types of symbols 1.Idols, 2.Yantra or chakras 3.Mantras

This is the first limitation on the unlimited pure consciousness. This is called as iccha sakti - the energy of desire. Even though slightly limited this is also infinite and subtlest of all energies.

With this iccha sakti as consort, Iswara contemplated on the "know how" and from the contemplation the jnana sakti or the Energy of Knowledge is created. This is called as Veda or Sruti in Sanatana Dharma. This includes all the knowledge ever known to any being. This is second subtle energy.

With this jnana sakti as consort, Brahma contemplated on the Action and from the contemplation the kriya sakti or the Energy of Action is created. The sum-total of this Kriya sakti is represented by Akasa - the space.

With this kriya sakti as consort, Vishnu arranges all the gross energies like Gravity and electromagnetic forces with in the space and all the gross universe is nothing but the condensed and arranged energy within the space.

The iccha and jnana sakti together form the MIND of an individual and a small part of the kriya sakti formed as the BODY.

The root cause of the BODY is desire or unfinished work. That is iccha sakti. This is also called as karana sarira. The subtlest body.

From the desire one generated Knowledge or know how - that is Jnana sakti. This jnana sakti is further divided as vignana the know how part and the vasana the latent behavioral traits of the individual. These two put together it is called sukshma sarira.

The sense organs, action organs and the prana the link between the subtle bodies and the gross body is called the BODY. This is also called as stula sarira.

The Pravritti Marga - The onward journey:
Guided by the desire and free will to fulfill the desire one generates knowledge or know how and implement the plan using the body. iccha(own - misidentified) -> jnana -> kriya (association with name & form) with the identification to the body as the self.
Continue in the loop of death and birth bound by the fruit of action. Theory of karma.

The transformation point:
By association with the wise, unsatisfied by the material achievements, pessimistic of scientific limitation and the gross limitation of senses and body the iccha the free will turns towards the TRUTH or REALITY.

The mind turns inward.

The Nivritti Marga - The journey to the TRUTH

1. Development of dispassion to the world of names and forms.
This is also called removal of deha vasana. One realizes the gross BODY is not the self. and self is beyond the gross BODY. Removing the limitation of Kriya Sakti. Transcending Space.

2. Freedom from the Known

This is also called removal of Sastra vasana. Giving up all the knowledge gained using the senses during the mind turned externally. To start with leaving all the bad habits. slowly using the discrimination to leave all the vices and finally even the virtues and good vasanas. Removing the limitation of Jnana Sakti - Transcending Unknown and the Known.

3. Removal of Desire

Until the above step, one has to keep the desire for Moksha (liberation) and finally leave the Desire itself. Removing the limitation of iccha sakti. Transcending the Time or the slightest movement of the mind. This is where the grace comes in.. one individual needs the grace of supreme to finally remove the desire for liberation.

At the final stage the source of everything is "realized" as the pure consciousness.
So, the one who completes the whole cycle of pravritti marga - going away from the original state of pure consciousness and returning back to the original state on the nivritti marga to the original state of pure consciousness realizes that this whole path itself is the GOAL. This is the ultimate truth.

In the beginning and at the end and all through the middle the only thing constant is the pure consciousness which is called as Atma or Paramatma only with reference to the microcosm or macrocosm respectively. It is the same ONE unlimited ocean of pure consciousness. That is Brahman. That is Atma. That is Advaita.

Om Tat Sat.

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