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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

“Progression” as it were!

SrI nandana nAma samvatsara mAgha Sukla EkAdaSi – bhIshma EkAdaSi marks another circumambulation of the tiny self on this Earth around the universal self – Sun.   

The seed of life on earth is Sun, the food that sustains life here is Sun, one who devours life on Earth is Sun as well. There is no way that the universality/unity of Sun’s nature is no way distinct from the diversified picture seen here on the Earth with huge variety of ecosystems in the water, on the land and in the air. Forests, rivers, societies, countries, cultures, wants, needs, fights, wars, construction and destruction everything appear to happen only due to the light of Sun and only to the subtle life force that acts in the Eye of the being witnessing all these things.

In this modern world, all the confusion seems to be caused by two misconceptions.

1.       You only live once

2.       It’s my life

Life is eternal and it animates multiple bodies across multiple worlds depending on each one’s desires and actions. Only due to unconditional compassion of Lord a being appears at a suitable place for a suitable period of time to enjoy/suffer the results of its own thoughts/words/deeds. Lord gives innumerable chances to any being to realize the ultimate and “human form” is the best suited to do so. To born as a man is a great privilege earned through the compassion of God.  So, the misconception of “You only live once” causes unnecessary hurry to enjoy things and results in over consumption and over production causing a lot of damage to the “nature” of God.

All life is connected wherever it is. The air that we breathe is not bounded by any boundaries. The light we take for Sun is neither bounded, the water which flows as rivers is all due to the Sun’s heat that evaporates the water in the oceans and makes them as clouds. But everything is bound by the law of karma – one should be responsible for all the thoughts, words and deeds performed by him/her. All the results of such things resulting harm for another being beyond the allowance granted by God will have to be paid for. The legislation established by the Lord is unfailing and applies to each being equally here. So, the misconception of “It’s my life” causes harm to other beings and ultimately to the individual.

Life is eternal and connected. Living a simple, pious life leads to ultimate good for the individual leading him directly towards the highest knowledge of one-ness of everything.

“vAsudEvaH sarvam iti” is the right knowledge leading one to highest eternal bliss.

Om tat sat

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