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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Meditations - Mind

Vital force gives the sensory and motor organs the capacity to function. All these functions are governed by the mind.

Mind is the most difficult thing to understand. What is Mind? A bundle of thoughts hooked to each other in several ways. All sense perceptions make a memory. Some impressions are strong and stay there for a long time while others are weak and mind forgets them quickly.

The perception or cognition is it an act or a fact? See, touch, smell, hear and taste bring the raw sense data to the mind and the mind eventually hooks the data to an already existing thought. See an object its shape is linked to one of the known shapes - i.e., its symbol. So, the external world is symbolized in the mind. The symbol has a name and an associated form. All these symbols are infinitely interlinked creating a web of impressions making up the mind and it course of thought process.

During the awaken state, mind is limited by the sense data and the capacity of its past impressions. When dreaming it is only limited by the impressions and in deep sleep it is almost not present. But still the important functions of the body are regulated without the presence of a conscious mind.

Is that the subtler part of mind called intellect? Is this what which divides the experiences as pleasure and pain, good and bad etc? Inference is generated just from past experiences. New links are created between the past links. We call it as knowledge - The processed and synthesized data.

This intellectual process primarily two modes. The analytical and synthetic. In one mode it keeps dividing the whole into its constituent parts and in the other mode it keeps combining distinct ideas (symbols) into a whole.

The intellect is surely guided by the desire. Whatever perceived to be pleasure is sought and whatever perceived to be painful is averted. This is the common experience.

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