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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Self Realization

There are an abundant number of expressions for Self Realization.
Some call it as "Thoughtless State"
Some express with Silence - Which can't be described.
Scriptures say "Knowing that everything is known"
Some say it is absolute freedom.

It is not possible to see the seer. Experience the Experiencer. Know the Knower.
Light in the space can't be seen until some object reflects it.
Similarly no experience is possible without the subject getting in contact with the object.

So, Ultimate reality being the ONE without a second, it is not an experience. It is the very being. It is the true state and the original state. Due to the "will" of "Let me be many. Let me born" the illusion sets forth.

Being in the current moment and ceasing of Becoming is Realization.
Realizing that there is nothing new to realize is the realization.
Accepting I am as I am without any longing or desire for a favorable result is realization.

Om Shanthi. Shanthi. Shanthi.


PKBS said...

I believe such a state, is very very unstable because time is not constant. A mind can stop at a point of time to experience that second of the time, but the body keeps moving forward in time, every second.

How long can you keep the mind at a constant time, while the body it is housed keeps moving constantly?

PKBS said...

It is thus, that I think self-realization is not about knowing everything to be known, but about realizing the faility of what one think one knows