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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The right concepts of "I"

I. Shadow
I was a shadow of a cloud trying to find the cause of me.
I realized the reason for the cloud is the power of Sun. If I want to see the reason for me (the shadow) I need to remove the cloud and eventually after removing the cloud "I" did not exist. There is no question of seeing the source and the seen. All became one.

II. Lump of Salt
I was a salt doll searching the roots of me and finally got into the ocean to see the depth of it. And eventually became one with the ocean there is no doll, no finding the source and no individual existence.

III. From Atma Bodha
Nirguno Nishkriyo Nityo Nivikalpo Niranjanaha
Nirvikaro Nirakaro Nityamuktosmi Nirmalaha

Asmi - "am" or "Being"

Nirguno - Not having Qualities/Attributes - Satwa, Rajas & Tamas
Nishkriyo - Not assuming ownership for the result of actions - Action less
Nityo - Not bound by the time past, present and future - Eternal
Nirvikalpo - Not having desire and thought - non-discursive
Niranjanaha - Free from falsehood - Truth
Nirvikaro - Not having Vikaras or change like birth, growth, decay and death - Unchanging
Nirakaro - Not having any form - Formless
Nitya Mukto - Ever liberated - Unbound
Nirmala - Not having any dirt - Ever Pure

IV. Mahavakya
Aham Brahma Asmi
I am Brahma

Aham = A is the first letter and HA is the last AHAm = From the beginning to the end - Which is ever existed.
Brahma = the source, platform and the end of all


H-Krishna-007 said...

1)When a statement is already made that your are like a shadow and when on a common parlance of experience is it is temporary and even a thousand explanation of its glorification on other count will even make our existence flickering to dismay.....it is better to say one is light and start about all existence as flickering like a shadow....isnt it???
2)When again the reference to salt the doll is made then also the the real joyous union is not corroborated in which there is no knowing whether the rightful existence is mutually divine....for the outcome doesnt substantiate...isnt it!!!????
3) When at th eout set a statement is made that the quality of the self is 'nirguna' and then explaining all the different 'ephemeral qualities' to be actually contradicting the the very basis of the proposal....something to understand out of nothing which seems existing...so the truth maybe such that as to not to understand at all....so we feel irresistably insecure about making a first step towards such a non-enteprising endeavor...isnt it!!!???
4)Aham Brahmasmi...is good atleast the most satisfactory feeling when somuch of all that worth,is not naturally the way that is our real being presently...also your nature only.....is simultaneously flattering or scoffing, I dont understand...still mkes finally an impact as to be our innate nature...is relishing somehow....isnt it!!!????
5)Forgive me sir if I have taken the liberty to explain the feeling like a commoner of subject abstruse to understand....forgive me....I am an ardent follower of the 'Krishna consciousness'...but, I cannot tell you how far I have understood it all...'The Bhagavad Geetha'...forgive me again and again...just for a nice dialogue towards understanding...

Prasad Chitta said...

Any way all are concepts bound by the mind - which is inturn bound by the cause and effect, time and space.

If you know you are light then there is no question of shadow..

salt doll, atma bodha and maha vakya are different view points of the SELF. On each point one need to meditate.

Om Tat Sat