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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

space-time & sat-cit

Space time curvature explains the Gravity where as the sat-cit curvature explains everything. Lets look at the relation between the space & sat and time & cit:

The pure existence is Space - not touched by any form but required to manifest any form. Sat is Space.

The pure cit is time - not touched by any symbol but required to represent any symbol. The symbolic world is created by reference to a past or future time never the "present" time.

Time is the fundamental quantity.

It gets slightly tricky. Time is cyclic, it is like a circle, imagining a start and a end point on this circle of time makes the time finite. That is typically called EGO or modified cit (opposite of pure cit)

The modified cit is the mind, is the action, is the event, and time is measured as the quantity between two different events. The homogeneous "one time" gets divided into three times as the past, present and future.

Thought is always with reference to past or future. Thought can never be present. Present can never be Thought.

Imaginary boundary on the cit causes the thought and thought is the cause of this imaginary boundary. - This is the start of manifestation in the space (pure sat)

Further this differentiation has no fixed boundary it keeps changing according to the thought. sometimes the past is the past second, sometimes the past is the last year. sometimes the past is the previous life.

Transcending the time is getting thoughtless state or "just being"

At the stage of this just being the cit merges perfectly with sat which is the natural state (soul = sat cit ananda).


akshay said...

This is a very novel approach to the philosophy and hence I will require a deeper contemplation to render a fruitful comment, but for now I will say this:

Consider comparing sat-cit not only to space and time but also to information and computation respectively. Sat can refer to information, the universal field of all existence, and cit can refer to that which cognises and sustains the sat. This would also not be in disagreement with the "consciousness creates reality" school of QM.

akshay said...

Mr. Prasad,

I just briefly went through your blog . I truly appreciate your efforts in committing to such an exercise. Certainly, you display profound insight into the subject of Vedanta, as well as a fine ability to render accurately what you reflect thereon. Excellent!

Please do not take it in the negative mode of reception, but I feel that if you could also cite textual statements, then it would make the blog only a little short of being the perfect and most insightful of its kind on the internet.

Prasad Chitta said...

I am working on this for about 4 years now on the existence (sat) and consciousness (cit) and referred to several Upanishads, BrahmaSutras and Bhagavad Gita.

The posts here are the thought constructs representing the Ideas of Vedanta from a scientific view.

I will try to provide some scriptural references...

satheesh said...

Let me know more about time.
Please explain the concept of time and space in simple words

Prasad Chitta said...


Time and Space are two elements woven in one another to form the background screen for the gross world appearance. Time is the subtle element of mind and space is the subtle element of body. They are related to each other like mind and body. One can't separate them completely. They are dependent on each other for their existence.

Remember, the source of both, time and space, mind and body is the true self - "Atma". Know that to know everything...

Om Tat Sat