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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Evolve or Perish" - is the divine law

The purpose of human form of life is to evolve the mind to the higher level.

Due to Ego, each life form is naturally instigated to preserve and propagate itself. This is common in human form of life also.

But, human form has unique ability of "discriminating and analytical" mind. Putting this unique ability to work, dissolving the Ego and raising the consciousness above the level of animal consciousness of natural instincts is what is meant by the Evolution of mind.

If not done, the human form life is a an opportunity wasted or missed. That is meant by perishing. It may take quite a long time to get the opportunity again!

So, "Evolve or Perish" is the divine law. - As it was told by my Guru's Guru - Swami Suryananda.

[The term Evolution here means mental purification and spiritual unfoldment. It should not be confused with Darwin's organic evolution or Mendel's Genetic evolution, both of which have nothing to do with spiritual evolution]

Om Tat Sat.


akshay said...

The statement "evolve or perish" applies only to the scale of time of perhaps, say, an individual human being. To mark it as an eternal maxim would be at fault.

After one has paid for committing one's sins, one comes back to a human birth where, with new karma, he is sent either upwards or downwards.

"Perish" has connotations that imply permanent loss of life, however, we know that a man after he has paid what he sinned for, regains a human birth to perform new karma. "Evolve" is also a neutral term, referring simply to change, ergo the maxim needs to be more along the lines of "ascend or descend", which is to say that every moment one's karma is making one ascend or descend in quality of experience.

This is merely what I feel, and it might as well be incorrect if you believe (as did Madhva) in eternal hell.

Prasad Chitta said...


You are right. It is all a play of words. But the essence is not the words but the underlying genius of the words which should be taken into consideration.

Evolve is as word used to move the consciousness beyond the body consciousness. The opposite is the perish - Just taking the Darwinian evolution or the Mendal's Genitic evolution.

We are talking on a slightly higher platform of evolving the consciousness or the satcitananda... nothing but the purification of the same.

Never even "think" of a eternal hell or moving from error to truth.. The religion of sanatana dharma talks about moving from Truth to Truth. A lower level truth to a next higher level truth. That is the evolution we are discussing about.

Om Tat Sat.

jagadish said...

After two year in Ramana ashram in TVM and a year and a half in a Benedictibe Monastery, and six years as fisherman in Goa, the only thing I have learnt is that when the sun rises it is the right time to fish and when the sun sets , settle down with a glass of feni.
Jagadish prasad

Prasad Chitta said...

Great wisdom as long as you enjoy it and you have no other questions.... The evolution is complete.

It is not the questions of "where have you been?" It is about "how you are"