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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Yoga of Attaining Purushottama

Om Sri Gurubhyo Namaha.

This is an attempt to summarize the 15th Chapter of Srimad Bhagavad Gita which is the shortest and most profound. (this associates to the essential equality of in the mahavakya tat tvam asi)

15-1. He who knows the pipal tree, with its roots above and branches below whose leaves are Vedas and which is said to be imperishable (avyayam) is the knower of Veda.
15-2. Its branches spread up and down, nourished by the qualities (Guna), its buds are objects of senses (vishaya), its roots grow downward generating bonds of action in the world of men.
15-3. The form (rupam), its end or beginning (adi & anta) are not available here (in this world). Having cut down this pipal tree with strong roots (suvirudha mulam) with the weapon of dispassion (asanga sastrena dhruDhena chitva)...
15-4. that supreme state, reaching where one never returns, should be carefully searched. I take refuge) in that primal person, from whom, the creation (Pravritti) stemmed forth.
15-5. Without pride and delusion, free from attachment, dwelling constantly in the SELF, devoid of pairs of opposites, attain that imperishable state.
15-6. Neither Sun, nor Moon, nor fire shines there. Having gone there they return not. That is my supreme abode.

15-7. An eternal part of myself, having become a jiva, draws itself to senses and mind placed in matter.
15-8. When the jeeva acquires and leaves the body, it takes these(mind and senses) like fragrance (of flowers) carried by the wind.
15-9. He (jeeva) enjoys the objects of senses by presiding over (adhisThAya) the mind and senses.
15-10. The Ignorant (vimUDhA) dont see the one who is residing, departing and enjoying in the body, being enveloped by the qualities (gunas); but the wise see through the eye of Jnana.
15-11. Yogis by striving see him; People with impure heart (akruta-Atmanaha) though struggling can't see him being mindless (acetasah).

15-12. The splendor in sun, moon and fire; Know it to be mine.
15-13. Having entered the Earth, I support all the beings. Having become the sap I nourish all the plants.
15-14. Becoming the digestive fire (visvAnara) seated in the bodies of living beings and unite the life-breaths (prana,apana) I digest four kinds of foods.
15-15. I am seated in the hearts (buddhi) of all beings; From me memory, wisdom and also negation. And that which is to be known in all the vedas am I; and I am the author of all the vedas and vedanta.

15-16. There are two kinds of purushas in this world; the perishable and imperishable (kshara and Akshara). All these beings are perishable and the "Kutastha" is imperishable.
15-17. There is another supreme purusha (the paramatma or supreme person) prevading all sustains the worlds - He is Iswara.
15-18. I am beyond the perishable and also beyond the imperishable, therefore I am known as supreme soul (purushottama)
15-19. He who knows me as purushottama, un-deluded and all knowing, worships me with his whole being (sarva-bhavena)

15-20. Thus the most secret knowledge has been imparted by me. O Bharata! having known this be illumininated and work finished (buddhiman and kritakrutya).

Om Tat Sat.

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