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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Raja Vidya Raja Guhya Yogam


This is the name of chapter 9 of Srimad Bhagavad Gita. Which means the King of Knowledge and the King of secrets. This chapter falls under the second six chapters of Srimad Bhagavad Gita and stress up on the THAT part of "TAT TVAM ASI"

9-1,2: Lord Sri Krishna declares that this chapter as purifier, highest and direct knowledge (pratyakshavagamam) which is Dharma, giver of happiness (sasukham kurvam) and imperishable (avyayam)

9-3: People without faith on this Dharma (the righteous path) will revolve in death and samsara (birth and death cycle)

9-4: This world is spread by the Lord who is formless. Lord says: "All beings have root in me"

9-5: "All the beings are not rooted in me" says lord - Look at this wonderful YOGA of Lord.

9-6: Lord gives an example of mighty air is rooted in Akasa (the space) but the space is never touched by the Air. This is to explain the previous two verses.

9-7,8 : All beings enter my Nature (prakruti) at the end of a world age (kalpa-kshaya) which I eminate at the beginning of the kalpa. I keep emanate them again and again by to force of Prakruti.

9-9: Actions do not bind me as I am seated indifferent and unattached to these actions. >>> This is an important statement made by Lord.

9-10: Under my supervision, Nature (prakruti) sends forth all animate and inanimate beings; Because of this O Kaunteya, universe revolves.

9-11: Not knowing me (the self) foolish people disregard me - who is the lord of all beings who is dwelling in this human body.

9-12: They (the foolish ones) with vain hope, worthless action, useless knowledge become refuged in demonic nature.

9-13: But the Great men take refuge in my divine nature, and knowing me to be the imperishable cause of all creation worship me with unwavering mind.

9-14: Ever Balanced (nitya yuktah) they worship me (the self) with devotion.

9-15: Some worship me with Knowledge, some with Sacrifice, in oneness and in multitude.

9-16: I am the sacrifice, oblation, offering to manes, medicinal plant, the mantra, butter, fire and the burnt offering. --> Declaring that he is all components of Sacrifice.
9-17: I am the father, mother, grandsire, supporter, rk, yajur, sama vedas and the one who is worthy to be known.
9-18: I am the path, husband, lord, witness, abode, shelter, lover, origin, dissolution, foundation, treasure-house and the seed-imperishable (bijam-avyayam)
9-19: I radiate the heat as SUN, I hold back and send forth the rain, I am immortality as well as death, I am the being and also the non-being. (sat, asat, ca, aham, arjuna!)

9-20,21: Those who perform sacrifice as per the three vedas, worshipping me (selfishly) will get purified by sin and attain the world of Indra and enjoy the heavenly pleasures. After the merits gets exhausted, they return back to this mortal world.

9-22: Those who worship me (the self) alone, thinking of no other and always absorbed in my thought, I will take care of their needs and protection. (yoga, kshemam, vahami, Aham)

9-23,24: Even the Devotees who worship other Gods with faith, they worship me alone. But these devotees not knowing me in essence (tattvena) they fall.

9-25: Those who worship Gods reach the worlds of Gods, who worship manes reach the world of manes, worship sprits will reach the world of sprits, But my worshippers will reach me.

9-26: A flower, leaf, fruit, water when offered with devotion, I accept it.

9-27, 28: Arjuna, whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever you give or perform austerity, do that as an offering on to me.
Thus you will be liberated from the bonds of action, yielding good and evil fruit, and come to me by the YOGA of renunciation (sanyasa-yoga-yukta-atma)

9-29: I am equally present in all beings. None dear to me and none hateful. Who worship me with devotion they are in me and I am in them.

9-30 to 34: Hope for All
Even a great sinner, when taken up this Dharma, with devotion, he should be conidered as a saint as he has well begun. Without differentiation of caste, gender whoever takes refuge in me they will attain supreme goal.
manmanaha bhava badbhaktha madhyaji mam namaskuru
mam eva eashyasi yuktva evam atmanam matparayanaha.

On me fix your mind, be my devotee, sacrifice to me, prostrate to me, Thus uniting yourself with me and completely depending on me, YOU shall come to ME.

Om tat sat.

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