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Monday, December 1, 2008

Owner and Knower of the Field

There is really an important difference between the "Knower" and the "Owner" of the Field (kshetra).

What is the Field?
It is the World/Universe [what appears in a larger sense] and Body/Mind/Intellect [what sees]; both the Seen and Seer are part of the Field.

The Seer "thinks" that it is the OWNER of "some of the Seen" and it wants to expand the OWNERSHIP to the rest of the Seen. This is the nature of the OWNER.

Let us see the two important properties of this OWNER:
1. This OWNER thinks that he is conscious. Thinks that he has his OWN awareness.
It is like one of the cells of the body thinking that it is independent, it gets oxygen and food on its own effort, it has to work to sustain and build itself and it is distinct from its environment. Each cell of the body is part of a subsystem, all the systems put together it is the BODY. The consciousness is ONE across the body which supplies awareness to all the cells. Similarly, all the consciousness/awareness seen all over the universe is ONE. So, thinking that each individual body has its own awareness/consciousness is a fallacy.

2. This owner draws an imaginary boundary, assumes OWNERSHIP within the boundary and Identify itself with this boundary.

But this OWNER is just the THINKER (mind); Who thinks that he owns some of the Field. It is clear that "this OWNER" is not different from the Field itself. The Field includes this Body/Mind/Intellect. Hence this idea of OWNERSHIP is a fantasy.
{This OWNER is EGO - the Illusory Thing}

Knower - kshetrajna
Knower is the one who knows the true nature of the Whole Field. The Field as a "thing-in-itself" as a whole devoid of words and ideas. {Please refer to the Thing, Word and Idea post} The object of the Knower is the Intellect, through which the rest of the Field is seen. To Know a thing in itself one has to completely pervade that thing. So this Knower pervades the whole of the Field and completely distinct from it at the same time ONE with it.
{This Knower is SELF - REAL THING}

A OWNER can never be a Knower and vice-versa. A OWNER is assumed in the KNOWER. OWNER is missing the first "K" and confused over the letters "O" & "W".
The goal is to be the Knower, by filling up the correct understanding and removing the confusion.

I am the Knower of this Field, I OWN nothing - absolutely nothing.

Note: The above is an attempt to put the Words of Lord in my own Language...
Any reader interested can get hold of the original holy book Srimad Bhagavad Gita. Chapter -XIII explains the nature of Kshetra and the Kshetrajna.

Om Tat Sat.

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beautiful expression dear
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