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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Time, Change and Process

Having discussed the "Thing, Word and Idea" triad of static aspect of Iswara and the relativity between them in an earlier post, this is my attempt to bring another triad of Time, Change and Process related to the Dynamic aspect of the God.

Change is relative to a thing. It could be two ways, A thing is said to have a change with respective to a property provided at time T1 it has one value and at time T2 a different value. E.g. A red thing becoming a blue thing.
A thing is said to have change with respective to its make-up provided at the time T1 it has parts P1 and P2 and at time T2 it has either lost P1 or P2 or acquired another Part P3. So, the consisting parts have changed the make-up of the thing.

Process is the "act of becoming" for a conscious thing. It has a start and end. The process will start with the will to change (in state of a property or the make-up) and complete when it accomplishes that desired change in the thing.

The change in the apparently unconscious things (insentient beings) is caused by the will of God. They are the processes like day and night, bright half and dark half of the month, seasons, YEAR - they are used as TIME to mark the other changes. As a shorter scale a blink of the eye, a respiration, a beat of the heart etc., are also belong to the universal processes.

The time is the synchronizing element for events. This is a cyclic process of unitary change - called vibration, spandana or Asvasa. This is the background screen on which all the events (changes) are projected on to.

How to understand this Dynamism:
Any "thing" which is subjected to "change" due to a "process" over "time" can't be permanent.

a. An aggregate thing which has parts is subjected to change due to further aggregation or dis-aggregation of parts.
b. If a property (GUNA or QUALITY) which is auspicious (good etc.,) which is subjected to change can turn out to be the completely opposite quality over time.

The Result:
This knowledge is called VIVEKA - discrimination. This VIVEKA causes VAIRAAGYA - detachment from the changing things. The detachment leads to removal of delusion (nir-moha). This will further lead to one pointed concentration. With this one pointed concentration(nischala-chitta) one attains the final release from Actions (jeevan-mukti) due to the right identification with the unchanging eternal thing (Brahma).

I am THAT unchanging absolute reality which is the source of TIME & SPACE.

saakshi cheta kevalo nirguNasca. - Svetasvatara Upanishad (VI-11)

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