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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

jaya EkAdaSi of SrI manmatha year

As we reach the eve of jaya EkAdaSi of SrI manmatha nAma samvatsara, it marks 173rd EkAdaSi upavasa with complete understanding of the subject called SELF beyond all objects and their symbolic expressions.

By ever flowing grace of guru, continuing spiritual saadhana. The year passed and calendar changed since the last post http://prasadchitta.blogspot.in/2015/01/first-ekadasi-of-sisira-rtu-again.html 

Spiritual work by unlimited grace of swami: 

  1. ulladu nArpadu i.e., 40 verses on reality of bhagavan ramaNa maharshi on Medium - https://medium.com/upadesa-saram/saddarsanam-prarthana-5da651b8c26a
  2. A short talk on Srimad bhagavad gIta on Gita jayanti 2015 at Hamsa Ashramam

om tat sat

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