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Monday, February 6, 2017

nyAsa in the sat for eight years by this mAgha Sukla EkAdaSi

bhIshma EkAdaSi marks another revolution of Earth around the Sun after:  https://prasadchitta.blogspot.in/2016/02/jaya-ekadasi-of-sri-manmatha-year.html

Guru's way of life, every action as well as inaction and silence will reflect wisdom. --- Swami Virajeshwara Saraswati

nyAsa is to keep in the custody. For example if I have a car and then I am going abroad, keeping the car with one of my trusted friend is called nyAsa. I am not giving it away completely, but keeping it in the safe custody. My friend will take care of the car, use it as needed. When and if I come back and take it or I can let him do what he wants with it. That is nyAsa.

So, keeping the ego under the custody of pure conscious self known as sat is called sat+nyAsa = sannyasa.

This day signifies the eight anniversary of my sannyasa. The ego is thoroughly under safe custody of the infinite, pure, blissful conscious self by the grace of my Guru. Once in a while the trusted friend individual jeeva, borrows it and uses it to act in this world through the body, speech and mind layers animated by the life force.

Considerable spiritual work during the last revolution:
1. 18 minute read on medium: https://medium.com/darsana-sastra-vijnana/bhagavad-gita-as-i-see-it-d85bbb6c6edf (Bhagavad Gita — As I see it)

2. The heart of God: https://medium.com/darsana-sastra-vijnana/aditya-hrdayam-the-heart-of-god-30a9257a89b7 (Aditya hRdayam)

om tat sat

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