I have made another attempt to explain the truth in simple English in Plain Truths blog. Some of the readers suggested me to provide some scriptural statements supporting these posts. So, I have written Yoga Vedanta blog that gives references to the words of Lord.

I am currently studying Yoga VaasishTa and make few posts to the blog on wordpress.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Deserve before Desire

Deserve before Desire

Desiring for pleasant things is one of the basic play of the false Ego. It continuously desires pleasant things. The definition for the pleasant thing keep changing. Even one never desires for unpleasant things they happen.

After nearly three years of reading several books on Philosophy, and certain amount of introspection finally I met my Guru -His Holiness Sri Swamy Virajeshwara (Hamsa)

When you deserve something it will automatically comes to you - No need to have high intensity of desire. Desire only binds and blinds.

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