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Friday, September 14, 2007

Karma (Action & Reaction) Theory Explained

Karma (Action & Reaction) Theory Explained

Karma is only fully known by Kaala (Time). Law of Karma starts with time. i.e., The theory of karma is nothing but the theory of cause and effect.

Every cause will produce one or more effects and every effect is preceded by one or more causes.
in Physics - Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

The action (karma) originates as a thought develops into speech (Vak) then finally performed by the motor organs (karma indriyas) which are three main stages of action. At each stage there is an amount of energy (matter is also included as a manifesting form of energy & Thought is also a form of subtle energy) transformed and thereby producing the effect(s).

A jeeva (individual) comes into existence due to desires. Desire comes from Ahamkara (Ego) the false 'I' sense. Ahamkara is one of the elements of moola prakriti (the manifest Brahma)

The karma of this ego bound individual is mainly three parts.
1. Sanchita Karma - Accumulated Action is like the big loan one has taken long ago but unable to pay back in full during the time frame of past janmas (lives) or a Fixed Deposit which will mature at a later time (after the current janma.)
2. Prarabdha Karma - A portion of the Sanchita Karma will be put into a current account which a jeeva will enjoy during the current life or a small installment of the loan which need to be paid back during the current life.
3. Aagami Karma - Actions being performed now which will bear the fruit in future. Like the big loan taken during the current life due to performing an action condemned by Dharma (paapa) or putting a big fixed deposit which will mature only after the death of the jeeva like heavenly comforts (punya).

All this karma are waves of energy keep interacting and at any given time. The sum total of the karma is zero. It is like a balance sheet of Cosmos and the bottom line of all assets = liabilities.

Only due to the ignorance (avidya) jeeva is bound by this law of karma continue to go from birth to death in a cycle.

All the individuals (jeeva) who have not realized the ultimate reality and still within the time-space framework are bound by this law which is entirely managed by Kaala - only one ultimate Brahma who has transcended everything imaginable is not bound by this law. A true yogi after merging with the ultimate is not bound by this law of karma.

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