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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Turiya - The forth State of Consciousness

Beyond the three states of consciousness, there is the real and pure consciousness - it is called Turiya.

In a normal experience the consciousness goes through the three stages known as Waking, Dream and Deep Sleep.

1. Everyday one experiences the waken state with body consciousness deluded by the sense data and believing the sense data is the absolute truth and thinking that the knowledge from the sense data is the ultimate.

2. The consciousness migrates to mind and creates its own timespace during the dream and a complete new dream world is created by the mind alone and the experience of dream looks as real as the waking state until one wakes up.

3. During the Deep Sleep, the consciousness transfer to soul - there is no body or mind - But the I (Ego) still alive but hidden and taking the rest. During this state there is no sense data, no mind , but there is only ego - ahamkara.

By sincerely inquiring "Who Am I?" one transcends these three states and reaches the fourth fully aware and pure consciousness - which is complete devotion, full knowledge and complete renunciation.

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