I have made another attempt to explain the truth in simple English in Plain Truths blog. Some of the readers suggested me to provide some scriptural statements supporting these posts. So, I have written Yoga Vedanta blog that gives references to the words of Lord.

I am currently studying Yoga VaasishTa and make few posts to the blog on wordpress.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Enquiry is only possible if the mind is free. A bonded mind can't enquire. To be free -> one should be free from fear. Fear of losing something or fear of not gaining something. The absolute state of fearlessness is only possible when one is aware and fully conscious about the material belongings are only temporary and acquired or possessed for a temporary period.

History teaches the same fact to all of us. Where are the great kings and kingdoms built earlier? Are the great superpower countries will continue as superpowers for ever?

To know the 'TRUTH' one should be able to 'ENQUIRE' - To enquire one should be 'FREE' -> to be free one should be 'AWARE' of momentary nature of the material world.

And fear not lest Existence closing your
Account, and mine, should know the like no more;
The Eternal Saki from that Bowl has pour'd
Millions of Bubbles like us, and will pour.
From "The Rubaiyat By Omar Khayyam"

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