I have made another attempt to explain the truth in simple English in Plain Truths blog. Some of the readers suggested me to provide some scriptural statements supporting these posts. So, I have written Yoga Vedanta blog that gives references to the words of Lord.

I am currently studying Yoga VaasishTa and make few posts to the blog on wordpress.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

One Truth, Many Ways

There is only one Truth: And there are many ways to reach it. Everyone at some point of the time in the life would get at least curious to know this Truth.

Not many of us try to enquire, enquire about the truth. We just follow some rules defined by either the elders, society or the religion and believe some of them and do not believe some of them.

The very enquiry into the basic definitions of Life : What is it all about? What is the final objective? Why am I here? is one way to get to the truth. But this way is not quick or easy. There are infinite possible scenarios and one can't conduct experiments on all scenarios to either confirm that is the truth or that is false.

So, one need to have the capability to enquire, (at least have a desire to develop this capability) and the very interest to understand the method of enquiry to start the path of self realisation.

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