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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Missing Connection - Effect of Ego

Let us try to see the impacts of 'Ego Cover' - The first bondage:

1. The fundamental mis-identification of the 'true universal self' as an 'unconnected individual self' and the association to the 'name' and 'form'

2. This leads to a continuous need for 'gratification' - becoming bigger or better than 'current being'

3. Leading to continuous longing for 'wants' rather than 'real needs'

4. A failed achievement of gratification creates misery

5. This leads to endless cycles of good and bad, happiness and misery -> complete loss of freedom.

Finally 'Ego' takes over the 'being' by the confusion and conflict ---> the 'individual self' will work as a slave to this 'Ego' bondage.

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Unknown said...

Nice one... If I am egoist, it means I am living with inferior. Going to new place, lost my way at a remote area, luckily found a local guy but looks illiterate. If I feel bad to ask a help from him, I must struggle to find the way that certainly stop or delay the reach of destination. If I understand and accept that he know better than me and asking help my objective will meeet. Most of the the our ego pulling our growth and force to be idiot. - An idiot..