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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Single Universal Existence - An Example

There is a very well known example of 'One Existence':

  1. There is a single Ocean of existence, where all the water on Earth is United and 'ONE'
  2. The water invisibly evaporates and forms clouds - This is an invisible phase of water cycle.
  3. As the rain falls over the mountains, small streams of water starts flowing downwards
  4. The streams will become revers they will be attached to the 'Name' and 'Form'
  5. The water from the river gets drawn to various needs of plants, animals and humans
  6. But, Finally all the water goes back to the Ocean.

The whole existence is very similar, from the Single Universal Existence all the individual existence spring forth, inheriting some common and distinct qualities and get a form and name attached to them. Once they fulfill the need, they will very naturally drawn back into the 'Single Universal Existence'

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