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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Is there a Measure for Ego?

Yesterday my son asked me 'Can you measure Ego?'
The answer is 'YES' and I tried finding a nearest analogy in Physics. The very similar phynominan is found with the "Gravitation"

Let us imagin some form of mass, the fundamental properties are length, mass, volume etc., When it comes to the existence the gravitational force is directly proportional to the product of mass and inversly proportional to the squre of distnece between.

The egoic force is directly proportional to the 'magnitude' of the desire and the 'urgency' to fulill the egoic desire/sense gratification. It is inversly proportional to the 'awareness of the selfishness' of this desire ---> The very awareness of existence of this ego or in other words it can be defined as 'TRUE KNOWLEDGE'.

As we can never eliminate Gravity from mass similarly we can never eliminate Ego from existence.

Just by being aware of the Ego, one can stop becoming bonded to the ego and spend the entire 'life span' as a slave to the ego continuously working for ego and its gratification.

There is a need to measure the Ego level - Once every person in this world goes down by 1/10th point on the ego scale, the world will be 100 times a better place to live.

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