I have made another attempt to explain the truth in simple English in Plain Truths blog. Some of the readers suggested me to provide some scriptural statements supporting these posts. So, I have written Yoga Vedanta blog that gives references to the words of Lord.

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Friday, January 26, 2007

Path to Realization

As there is only one truth, all the paths to the truth merge into one.
They look different in the beginning due to the same effects of the 'EGO'

The realization, I can say is the ultimate objective of the human form of life. This human form of existence is the nearest to universal existence and equipped with the body and mind capable of achieving the real goal.

The strong free will to achieve this objective is the starting point of the journey to this goal.
Several co-locations and experiences lead the way towards this goal and eventually all of us will get there little earlier or later.

All the religions, will try speedup this journey by prescribing the correct way(s) : As there is no universal medicine, there is no best path which fits all.

The best starting point is where and what you are. The best path is what your free will guides you. The clear and strong objective of achieving the 'Realization' should be the first and foremost goal and also the most important and the 'ONLY' goal.

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